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if this were a long post, would you read every word, or just skim the contents?

does it truly matter that question month is over?
does it also matter if i'm the one answering your questions, or if i'm the one asking the questions?
would a post consisting entirely of questions be appropriate?
would the point be apparent?
when was the last time you stopped to ask questions?
have you grown since then?
or did you stop asking questions?
does asking more questions make me any wiser?
do i seem wise in any capacity?
have i enriched your life in any way?
does my online friendship mean anything in a real, tangible way?
do you still have the same big dreams when you were a kid?
or have your dreams somewhat diminished as you "grew up"?
have you challenged yourself lately?
what really scares you?
do you count your blessings?
do you say what you mean, and mean what you say?
do you like the life you're living in now?
would you change anything in the past to change your current situation?
what about anything in the future?
is there anything you can do to better your life?
what are you waiting for?
do you trust your instincts?
do you really have faith in anything anymore?
do you still believe in miracles?
do you still believe in yourself?
or do you question everything about yourself?
is this a good or bad place to be?
am i making you think?
is this post merely an annoyance in your information feed?
was it REALLY that bad?
are you happy?
shouldn't you be?
would you like to dance as if nobody's watching?
sing as if nobody's listening?
when was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?
made a fool of yourself?
gave it your all, and still fell short?
would it make a difference if your efforts were still cheered, regardless of the outcome?
what do you do when you can't get the one thing that you really want?
does your furniture provide appropriate ergonomic support?
are you a fan of delicious flavor?
have i ever made you smile?
is there a scientist out there really trying to make pigs fly?
who are you?
who am i to you?
why are you still reading this?
would you leave a comment?
are you having a good day?
why am i cursed with so much doubt?
why are you cursed with the burden of my doubts?
is it something you can handle in stride?
or would you rather do without?
have i grown in any way?
am i still growing?
are you still growing?

should i end my post here?