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google wave RP?

ok, so this thought has been brewing in my head for awhile now... but ever since i got google wave, i've been wanting to run a roleplaying game on there. now, in case you don't know about google wave, here's a video overview by the wave team themselves.

awesomeness. there are, however, a few things to keep in mind. first and foremost, wave is very much a work in progress. it's still in "preview", which is the new way of saying "public beta" i suppose. there are the occasional glitches, and long-distance realtime tends to get pretty laggy. (i tried to live chat with my hetero-lifemate (heretofore referred to as HLM) in australia... it laaaaaaggged... wasn't entirely unexpected, and still performed within my realm of expectations.) still, it's exciting stuff, and i can't wait for the technology to mature. which brings me to another point to keep in mind - participation is required for progress to be made. more people need to be on it, using, breaking, straining and stressing their system. and sending in feedback. heck, even on the user side of things. i need more contacts on there so i get to use it more! LOL :D

so... interested in getting in on it? hit me up, i've got invites.

and now, in case you don't know about roleplaying, well... it really is what it sounds like. you play the role of someone else. it's basically a game of collaborative, interactive storytelling. now, there are many different ways to play this. it's most easily set up with a solid game system in place - mechanics, rules, etc. (think Dungeons & Dragons, for the uninitiated.)

what i'm proposing, however, is a lot more like the original premise i mentioned - collaborative, interactive storytelling. no dice, no "rules", no limitations... just creative, free-flowing story, with each player responsible for their own characters. moderating SHOULD be kept to a minimum, just to check on realistic expectations (within the context of the story, i guess... flying isn't too realistic, but in a story it might be.), as well as to keep things moving along. of course, there will need to be a game master, for purpose of both moderating and dictating game plot and pacing... i'd volunteer to do it, but it doesn't necessarily have to be me. i'm cool like that. B-)

now, i think wave would be great for this is because of the in-line replying and editing, as well as having a centralized, hosted conversation (as opposed to live chat where everyone would need to keep scrolling back up to find points of reference, or email where there are a million copies of a million different emails flying around between group members.) and for the sake of organization, there is always the "export to a new wave" function. i think this would work great as an archiving function as well - break off a final, read-only copy of what's happened before in arbitrary, (by week? by story arc? by "chapter"??) more manageable chunks of story. that way, newcomers can read these "chapter" archives and be caught up to speed, without being overwhelmed by potentially years of gameplay in a single, retardedly enormous document.

that's all that's come to my mind, so far... as far as game settings go, i'd leave it to a vote for the players who're interested. as far as actual experience with using wave for this purpose, well... i don't have any, but the HLM in australia's got 3 campaigns going, and apparently works awesome so far. i'll x-post the basics of the rpg portions of this post to rpg_bears , and recommend re-posting just to spread the word.

the state of my music

so... i thought this might make a refreshing change of pace. it's been awhile since i've mentioned anything about music, and i find it surprising that it's been as long as it has. music is one of my biggest interests, after all.

my music library has changed quite a bit since my full-blown opensourced geekiness mentioned here, which was only a mere couple of years ago. thanks to the combination of getting the iphone and me switching to the macbook pro as my main computer, i'm now very much an itunes aac user. just about all of my music library is now 256kbps itunes aac rips, with the sporadic itunes store downloads. i still have all my old music, of course, but they're no longer on any of my main systems. instead, due to their *ahem*downloaded*ahem* nature, those old mp3s now reside on an external USB harddrive. ditto for all my old ogg vorbis rips, which, while legal rips, are not supported on the iphone. (short of an *ahem*firmware mod*ahem*, of course...)

so, yeah... i kinda sold out on the whole opensource thing just so i can have my music on my phone. o well. i'm weaksauce, what can i say?

i have to say, though... it's nice to have so much disk storage nowadays... i've been a hoarder/collector all my life, and it wasn't too long ago when i first got on teh interwebz... man were things different then. you young'uns may not even know this, so let me paint you a picture of what might seem to you like the dark ages.

back then - windows 95 was a computing revolution. a 56k flex modem was state-of-the-art, and just having a dial-up internet service was an extravagance. it took about 20mins to download a single mp3, encoded at 128kbps. and disk storage limitations meant that i could only have around 150 songs at a time on my harddrive... after i'd uninstalled all my games.

o yeah... i'm THAT oldschool. back then, a stable internet connection was hard to come by, making stable, consistent streaming music or videos seem like an unattainable dream. i'm glad we managed to overcome that hurdle lol.

having said that, i guess necessity IS the mother of all invention... having all those limitations made me indulge in my musical passion in more creative ways. instead of downloading and collecting mp3s, i started to collect text files for all the lyrics to the songs instead. it started off as a list of the songs i wanted to download, a textual reminder of the mp3 queue that i had wanted to get to. eventually i started looking around for the lyrics to some of the songs that i couldn't quite make out... (some vocalists may have mad range, but still need some enunciation/elocution lessons.) that led to me saving them, and since the size of these text files were a minuscule fraction of what the mp3s were, i started saving lyrics to just about every song. i began to see the beauty in lyrical wordcraft, the often underappreciated and understated poetry in musical rhyming. it's an appreciation that i still hold in high regard, hence my love for lyrical adventurers like Jason Mraz, and musical poets like Jill Scott, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.

music and lyrics speak to my soul in so many different ways... i'm thinking that i'll start making the occasional lyric post, just because it's beautiful. and/or appropriate. probably both.

breaking LJ silence... fall 2009 edition

hello again LJ, it's been awhile...

not much has happened with me in the past couple of months, really... that, coupled with the fact that i was in a pretty blue funk and my conscious decision to try and reduce negativity in this space has kept me from posting.

still feeling pretty emo, but i figured it's about time i got over myself. this is, after all, a blog, is it not? it's where i'm supposed to chronicle my thoughts and feelings... so i (and you) have a series of progressive "snapshots" of my mental state... i'm finding that this "omission-by-denial" strategy will tend to skew any perspective, and is almost dishonest, in a way. and so, i'm revising my prior opinion, and will try to keep this space as honest to my current state (at time of each post) as possible.

so... first up - changes.

i've got new roommates - sammy & seth. it's a temporary situation, but their presence is nevertheless welcome. side note - the presence of their belongings have meant that my tv, wii & ps3 have all moved into my bedroom. i may become a hikikomori.

i've also managed to resurrect both my desktop rigs, so they're also sitting in the bedroom atm... (it's getting pretty crowded in here.)

uhmmm... that's about it, really. i've been otherwise just working and laying low, trying to fix my sad financial state. which is still a work in progress, but there IS progress. i'll take whatever minor victories i can get.

otherwise, all is mostly the same... still wallowing in the emo-ness of it all.



...and comics in general speak to me in a way that no other medium does.

today's post is brought to you by: Three Panel Soul. and yes, this strip hits pretty close to home, given the mood that i've been in lately.

i am jack's emotional rollercoaster

i may joke about it a lot, but sometimes i really do wonder if i'm bipolar... i've noticed that i do really tend to have my mood swings... although it tends to linger more in the down/depressed than i'd like to admit.

there are so many areas i'd like to blog about, i don't know where to begin... this'll be a pretty long update i guess.

cut... for your protectionCollapse )

keeping busy...

... despite how messed up my body clock is.

i'm once again wide awake when i really should be sleeping - i've got a 13-hour day at work coming up. tried going to bed early and forcing the issue, but i only managed to get in 3hrs of pretty restless sleep. so, up i am. i guess i'll have to just power through the day on coffee/energy drinks, and hopefully the resulting crash tonight will help reset my sleeping hours.

in the meantime, i'm just working on trying to organize my digital photos... i've got a lot of them scattered throughout several hard drives, survivors of at least 4 system migrations... there's probably more than that. i'm one of those guys that will just reformat and start with a fresh install every time my system starts to feel too sluggish.

i *really* should be working around the house instead... there's laundry to be done, stuff to clean/vacuum/dust/unpack/organize/put up... but that'll make too much noise at this hour, and my roommate is sleeping. so, "softwork" it is.


back in black!

so... funny thing happened at work last night.

first of all, i WASN'T supposed to be working... *WHINE ALERT!*WHINE ALERT!*WHINE ALERT!*

it was supposed to be my one day off for the week (of monday through sunday)... when a coworker unexpectedly asks for me to cover for her. being the dumb@$$ that i am, i agreed... "what the heck," i thought to myself... i could use the money. not really paying attention to the rest of the schedule, i just crossed her off the shift and popped myself on there. it wasn't until she was gone that i realized how badly i'd shot myself in the foot.

now, instead of working a 5-day spell, getting a day off (friday), and working another 5-day spell... that's right. i just converted the ONE day break in the middle into a workday - making it an 11-day run. wtf was i thinking?

oh well. at least i'm more than halfway through it already, even though i really needed the day to do some house chores. i guess i can squeeze that into the rest of the workdays... because i'm going to have a 3.5day break starting friday 9/11 - and i'm heading back up to the SF/BA!!!

that's right. i'm going on a long-overdue weekend getaway. it's been a rough summer, and i'm SOOO looking forward to getting away and just having myself a good time! :-D

but, i digress... back to last night. so, as it turns out, the reason my coworker needed me to cover for her at the last minute is that she managed to score a ticket to go see AC/DC who was playing in town last night.

aaand guess who came to my workplace last night??

yeah, that's right. AC-fucking-DC!!!

while she may have got the night off and enjoyed the show, i think it's funny that i got closer to them than she ever would. just sayin'. the world works out pretty funny sometimes.


stranger in the mirror

i've been kinda growing some facial hair for awhile now, believe it or not... now, i know i run with a pretty hairy crowd. plenty of you guys grow more scruff in half a day than i do in 3 months. while i've come to accept my genetic handicap, i've managed to eke out a slight dusting of fuzz on my upper lip, chin, and sideburns... heck, i think i have enough spread on the burns to grant myself an upgrade to "chops", even. sure it's pretty sparse, and probably will not connect into a full-on beard, but hey i'm finally growing some, okay?? and given the slow rate of growth that i am stuck with, i'm sure you can now undertand how significant this growth is to me. it took a lotta effort to get my tiny little patches of fuzz, okay???

...until recently, that is. i've been hanging on to my scruffiness for awhile now, but i didn't quite realize how long it has been since i've shaved until i thought i'd give my face a "reboot"... only to find i almost didn't recognize myself post-shave. it's been so long since i've looked at my bare face that i'm unfamiliar with it. how strange i look now... when only a couple of years ago this very same, hairless face would be all i'd have to look at, even without shaving. yes, apparently i've only gained my facial-fuzz-growing superpowers sometime in the past year or two.

and now it'll probably take another several months to get back some measure of the scruff that i've grown so accustomed to... fucking genetics.


summer update 2009

i guess i've put this off long enough...

so... update. i'm still alive, and still hanging in here. as all 3 of you know, it's been a rough summer for me... lots of issues piling one on top of the other. i WAS going to detail them out on here, but to be honest i've changed my mind about that. if you want details, you can always hit me up personally. in the meantime, i'm not going to ruin your day with what would probably come across as some sorry ploy to score a sympathetic audience, nor will i continue to sully this space with even more negative energy, especially after my last several posts... and even a little more at the end of this one, really. so it's onward to newer and better things... i hope the worst of it is over.

in other news, i've been trying to get back into playing music again... have been on the guitar and keyboard quite a bit lately. sure, i still have no musical talent whatsoever, but i have fun trying. also reading a lot more comics than i have in awhile... also, video games... anyone play Fat Princess?? i need more ps3 contacts...

and lastly, a minor rant before i wrap this up... for anyone out there who exports tweets from twitter into your facebook status, and also into LJ... please DON'T. it's annoying and repetitive to people whom are your contacts on 2 or more of those services. thank god i'm NOT on twitter, because then i would have to put up with your recycled shit in triplicate.

that's all.

... survivor.

it's been a very rough summer, and i'm still trying to ride it out. i've been through a buttload of issues in the past couple of months, and i've just been laying low until the bs tides over... hence my silence on here. that, and me still trying to minimize the negative energy i put in this space.

i will post more details about the drama sometime later this week... in the meantime, here's a photo.

This is me trying out a #0 (guardless) buzzcut for the first time... pic x-posted to facebook.

the reason i'm trying out the shorter length is because i hope it'll help hide a rapidly-growing bald spot on the back of my head... but then again, the difference in length might be too tiny to be of any significance. i HAVE noticed that it's a lot easier to clip with the guard on though... but that's just my opinion. what do you think?