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another couple of months have gone by... the days are getting warmer, the insects are starting to buzz around again, and the wind no longer blows cool. yup, summer is definitely getting here fast.

not much has changed with me since the last time i've posted - still working, still playing video games, still single, still being all mopey and emo when left to my own devices... which is pretty often, lately.

so, what HAS been going on? let's see... notables... hmmm.

i never did make it out to either TBRU or Bear Pride this year... so that's been a real downer for me. on the flip side, i guess i really didn't need to be spending the time or money out there anyways.

oh, but i DID go along with the entire household up to SF for Brad's birthday weekend! we had a blast - made it out to a cabaret show, a picnic, and a showing of Wicked... which was wicked awesome! (hmmm... too much? sorry, couldn't resist... lolz)

otherwise, have just been working a lot - well, more than i've grown accustomed to anyways. while that may have been enough to keep me tired and busy for the most part, the extra income has been very welcome... despite it all going right out to paying off bills and paying down debts... *sigh*

the problem here is, whenever i feel like i've been working too hard/much, i have a tendency to want to compensate myself for it, one way or another. thankfully, this round of self-compensation has been relatively light compared to the previous few times - all i've done (so far?) is spend a little extra on macbook pro upgrades (snow leopard, more memory, HD swap) and video games (a couple of games & some accessories for the wii).

so... yeah. work and videogames. it's pretty much all i've been up to... i have no life lol.

while i do still have a few things on my mind i want to blog about, i believe they warrant their own posts and will add them in the near future. for now, i will wrap this post up with the surprise i had in mind - my virgin Flash Your Fur Friday (FYFF) post.

playing video games... of course!